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“We endeavor to reach all those in the remotest corners who toil & struggle to earn their survival & to contribute in a largeway to make our country great & prosperous. Our conventional laws & welfare provisions are still not accessible to these “ Have-nots”. Our work & all outefforts are dedicated to the betterment of their lot & bring them to the mainstream.”

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Integrated Housing Scheme renamed as Revised Integrated Housing Scheme 2007(RIHS)

Assistance amount of Rs.40,000/-per tenement per worker for construction of House on his own land.


1) The applicants should posses identity card issued by Labour Welfare Organisation.

2) Application in specified format alongwith requisite documents.

3) The average family monthly income should not exceed Rs.6,500/-.

Lands specification

1) The land area should be minimum 60 square yards.

2) Each dwelling unit should have at least one living room, closed area for cooking (kitchen) with provision of Bath room and a toilet within a plinth area of not less than 160 Sq.ft.The tenements shall be constructed in a good substantial and habitable manner depending on local climatic conditions and beneficiary's specific requirements. The standards mentioned are in the nature of minimum and there would be no objection to adoption of better specifications and higher standards by individual workers while constructing their own houses under the scheme.

3) The estimated life of the house should not be less than 20 years.

4) The house so constructed would not be sold or transferred by the beneficiary before 15 years, except in the case of legal heirs.

Mode of release of subsidy:

1st Installment:- Subsidy amount of Rs.20,000/- per tenement shall be released after the approval of D.G. (L.W) and after confirmation of the receipt of workers contribution @ Rs.5000/- per beneficiary ,after grant of administrative approval from Welfare & Cess Commissioner for the purpose of construction of the house till roof level.

IInd Installment:- Second Installment of subsidy for Rs. 20,000/- per tenement shall be released by the D.G.(LW) after the house is inspected by departmental Engineers of Labour Welfare Organisation and if the construction found to be reached upto roof level. The workers contribution of Rs.5000/- shall also be released along with the 2nd Installment .

Conditions under the scheme

1) The dwelling house should be completed within a period of 18 months .

2) The applicant /beneficiary should produce documentary evidence from the local B.D.O. that his /her spouse or any of his dependents has not availed any benefit from the schemes like Indira Abas Yojana for Economically Weaker sections etc.

3) The worker should have a land in his/her name with clear title .There is no objection for grant of subsidy if the land is owned jointly/severally provided all other share holder should furnish their no objection in shape of affidavit.

4) Plan and estimate of the proposed house is to be submitted to the Labour Welfare Organisation along with the application.

5) Encumbrance Certificate (E.C.) of 13 years has to be submitted along with the Form.

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