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“We endeavor to reach all those in the remotest corners who toil & struggle to earn their survival & to contribute in a largeway to make our country great & prosperous. Our conventional laws & welfare provisions are still not accessible to these “ Have-nots”. Our work & all outefforts are dedicated to the betterment of their lot & bring them to the mainstream.”

Beedi Workers Welfare Fund
Mines Labour Welfare Fund
Cine Workers Welfare Fund
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Welfare Measures

The O/O Welfare & Cess Commissioner, Labour Welfare Organisation provides assistance for some of the basic needs of human being, such as Health, Housing, Education, Recreation and Social Security.
Health & related Schemes
Apart from the treatment of the workers & their families through the medical units, certain financial assistance is provided under different Health Schemes to ensure better health & family care facilities, which include Maternity Benefit to female worker, Monetary compensation for Sterilization, Subsistence allowance for workers suffering from T.B. Financial assistance for treatment of major diseases like Cancer, Heart ailments, Kidney transplantation and Minor diseases like Hernia, Ulcer, Tumor, Appendicitis, gynecological ailments, etc.
Educational Scheme
The purpose of the Scheme is to encourage education among the wards of Beedi Worker. Under this scheme, financial support ranging from Rs. 250/- to Rs. 8000/- is provided to the wards of Beedi/Mine/Cine workers in an academic year.
The Housing Scheme
One of the basic needs of human being is Shelter. The Govt. of India has introduced the New Revised Integrated Housing Scheme 2007 to provide financial assistance up to Rs. 40000/- per tenement per worker for construction of a Low Cost House on his/her own land. The financial assistance is extended in the form of subsidy.
Social Security
Under this category various schemes like-Group Insurance Scheme, Fatal & Serious Accident Benefit Scheme, financial assistance to the dependants of workers for funeral ceremony of the worker as well as for the daughter’s marriage of the deceased worker are in operation.
Recognizing the need for recreation, a Holiday Home is operating at Puri. Similarly provision for supply of T.V. sets, organisation of sports and cultural activities, assistance for sports gear, etc are some of the other measures.

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