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“We endeavor to reach all those in the remotest corners who toil & struggle to earn their survival & to contribute in a largeway to make our country great & prosperous. Our conventional laws & welfare provisions are still not accessible to these “ Have-nots”. Our work & all outefforts are dedicated to the betterment of their lot & bring them to the mainstream.”

Beedi Workers Welfare Fund
Mines Labour Welfare Fund
Cine Workers Welfare Fund
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Heart Surgery and allied treatment

The Beedi Worker and their dependants are also provided financial support for treatment of Heart Surgery and allied diseases which involves reimbursement of expenditure up to Rs.1.30 lakh or actual cost of treatment which ever is less.

Subsistence allowance

Subsistence allowance to the worker @ Rs.750/- in case of one dependant and Rs.1000/- in case of more than one dependants, per month up to a maximum for 9 months is payable during the treatment.

Conveyance Allowance

To and fro journey expenditure from the place of work to the hospital in the shortest route and by the most economic mode is also allowed for the purpose of treatment.

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