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“We endeavor to reach all those in the remotest corners who toil & struggle to earn their survival & to contribute in a largeway to make our country great & prosperous. Our conventional laws & welfare provisions are still not accessible to these “ Have-nots”. Our work & all outefforts are dedicated to the betterment of their lot & bring them to the mainstream.”

Beedi Workers Welfare Fund
Mines Labour Welfare Fund
Cine Workers Welfare Fund
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Expenditure @ Rs.30/- per day per patient for Indoor treatment and Rs.6/- per day for out door patients is payable for a period of 9 months.

Subsistence Allowance

Subsistence allowance to the worker @ Rs.200/- in case of one dependant and Rs.300/- in case of more than one dependants, per month up to a maximum for 9 months is payable during the treatment.

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